Night Time Sky Diving
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I've decided to scrap the songs I don't like anymore. Just a few of the old ones that were downers, I want the project to mesh together a bit better. KTHNX. 

so here's the dealio. I have two other projects that I want 
to put most of my time and effort into. They're secrets atm, but
we'll share them with you when we think it's due time. Songs 
for NTSD are pretty simple, with conception to recorded mp3s in 
less than a day. I plan on finishing off this project and maybe doing
some serious editing to polish the whole thing, but for now I'm going 
to be focusing 90% of my attention on these two other projects. That doesn't
mean I'm disappearing, I'll have songs up at least once a week until I think it's 
time to bury the hatchet. Until then, I'll still announce new songs via Facebook/Twitter
just so you don't have to visit this site every day, and we'll let you in on what we're doing
with the other projects when they've had time to properly flesh themselves out. Expect websites in the

Side Note: I started this project on Jan. 7th, and said I'd try to write a full album in two months. We'll I have a pretty sizable amount of songs already, just because I've been going on a tear lately in terms of composition. I'm going to try and keep it up for exactly 2 months and then hash out all the songs and form a cohesive album if there is one buried in all the randomness. Thanks for listening guys. 

(1/15/10) *New song "Driving" up
(1/13/10) *New songs up.

~Side note: I'd say half of my older songs that I've used for this album are super depressing and definitely not meshing very well with my mood as of late. SO, going indie/experimental with the next few songs. LOOK FORWARD TO IT WITH GREAT ENTHUSIASM.

**A note about formspring. If you have an account it will notify you via email when someone replies to a question of yours. If you ask anonymously, you have to come back to the original formspring page to see the answer. I've been on the ball as of late in answering any questions, but if you had a question and didn't know where to find the answer, please go here: 
Thanks for the feedback guys.