Night Time Sky Diving
A new project just to keep myself busy. I'm trying to write a full album in under two months. Check back for progress and new songs. If you want to know when I upload a new song, I'll tweet it if you want to follow me on Twitter

A word about the music - I'm doing this primarily with just my Mac and a guitar, so the quality isn't going to be phenomenal. Just a heads up. And thanks for listening, I really do appreciate it. <3

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Lost - NTSD


Can you hear me?

I don’t think you are listening to me.

Can you tell me?

What a person does

When he find out it’s true:

What they say “You’re lost”

And you’re finding out what it means to lose.

We are waxing and waning

And maybe we’ll get out alive,

I hope so.

Today - NTSD

This is not my life
I think I'm ready to wake up now
There's just no way that this is happening
Come on out that was a good one,
you really got me good.
Please stop joking, it's not funny anymore

This is not my life
I see the person you are talking to
but it's not me
I won't believe the words
Your lies are so absurd
Why aren't you smiling, you aren't smiling
Please God smile for me.
And I'm not sure what to say.
I can't believe that this is my life today.

Alright - NTSD


You ask me if I’m alright

I tell you, “Yeah, I’m doing fine”

But if you could read my mind

You’d know that it was a lie

Are you kidding me?

Do you really think I’m okay?

And I don’t know why

I still lie to you.

I guess I’m terrible.

This is me being honest with you

I’m just a fucked up kid needing something to do

And I am so damn jaded

From the lies and the hatred

Maybe I’ve fallen too far

I miss the innocence of promises that never break

And all the stories of the princesses who always wait

For their true love

And when you say it that you mean it

And you never have to lie to me

“What’s going on?

Where’d I go wrong?”

Said the pauper to the wise man.

Where’d all the dreamers go?

The ones I used to know

That taught me how to love and that the world was really beautiful.

Say, “All the time”

Well, not tonight.

I’m going out.

Tell me tonight

I’m doing fine

Tell me it’s right.

Say I’m the one.

Say I’m the one.

Fly Away - NTSD


Waiting in an airport terminal

People drifting by like ghosts

Planes fly in and they fly out again

Bringing someone close to home

Somewhere to go, somewhere to be

People to see, and friends to meet

Making their way towards everything they need

Pack my bags and fly away 

Bring me somewhere new

I dont care how long it takes

Cause I know I’ll see you soon

Drift along the clouds with apathy 

Watching mountains stand alone

Wonder if the people under me

See this plane and think of home

Driving - NTSD


Street lights go out

When I pass by

I wonder if I caused it

Maybe the strings that bind

Are wearing thin tonight 

We keep on driving

We keep on driving

You bum a smoke

And light it up

The comfort of addiction 

The glow of cigarettes

Reminds me that I need to quit

While driving

We keep on driving

We’re driving on fumes

And that’s not the worst of it

The worst of it. 

We’re driving on fumes

And that’s not the worst of it

The worst of it. 

Diary Of A Psycho-logy Major - NTSD


Winter wind breathes cold air

Down my neck it’s choking me

I gasp.

This street looks vaguely similar 

To every street I’ve seen before

Walking roads are different 

When you pass them at high speeds

We need to slow down,

Slow down. 

Dreamers Don't Die, They Evolve from Terry King on Vimeo.


Tell me why I’m living

We’ve become the lost souls 

I’m not sure I’m breathing

But we make due with the

Time we have. Let’s make sure we tear this city up. 

You’re a joke if you think

I’ll go down that easy

We’ll move mountains if we

have to. This time you’ll see

we’re the ones. We’re the ones who were waiting for this. 

And we will fight

For the things we know are right

Those are the people we are

And I believe

Because I have seen

The sun come up against the night 

We move forward even

If we try to go back 

Pain will slow us down but

It will never stop us

We believe, we believe that rock will save our souls

I’m okay with waiting

It takes time to know it 

But when you are ready

Take my hand and we’ll change

Everything, everything won’t know what hit it.

And we will fight

For the things we know are right

Those are the people we are

And I believe

Because I have seen

The sun come up against the night